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The want of a journal with some claims to being liberal and progressive in its character, and impartial, though candid, in its tone, has long been felt, and no apology need be made for the appearance of the Herald, relying as the proprietary do on the support of those who realise that its advent is called for as a necessity in maintaining the character and claims of the field of newspaper enterprise in which it is proposed it will circulate.

In the Herald a prominent feature will be made of Local Mining Reports and General Mining and Agricultural Information and Statistics, to which end neither trouble nor expense will be spared: indeed, so much depends upon everything in connection with mining enterprise and prospects, that any section of the goldfields which has no means of publishing its title to consideration, will remain unnoticed by those who might otherwise be induced to assist in the development of its resources.

The principles of the Herald are based on the broad grounds of that increasing Liberalism, having an abiding place in the consciousness of its prospective readers, rather than on the platform of an ephemeral party or the empty battle-cry of an hour. Events will be dealt with as they occur; not in a virulent one sided spirit, but with a view of assisting to force them in the direction of an extension of rights, a fair distribution of wealth and an increase of local and national prosperity.

The corresponding columns will be unreservedly open to the temperate discussion of any matter considered worthy of comment; while contributions opposed to the views of the journal will be as freely welcomed, and as fairly dealt with, as those which give weight to the editorial expression of opinion on the question at issue.

As the proposed newspaper will be published on the evenings of Tuesday and Friday each week, which will contain as late Telegraphic and other Intelligence as if it appeared on the following Wednesday and Saturday mornings, with the advantage of being earlier in the hands of it’s subscribers throughout the area of its circulation.

Advertisers will find the Herald the best medium through which to become known in the populous and flourishing district, to the households and homesteads of which it will gain admission, and as the scale of charges is low, the proprietary trust it will obtain from them a fair share of patronage. Advertisements will be received as late as four o’clock on the evening of publication.


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