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Outrage over Shire Absence. Locals furious at Councillors.


The Herald has heard from concerned residents who are not happy that the Shire of Maldon hasn’t met for 23 years. One resident said that “It’s an outrage.”. Another local expressed dismay that the Shire of Maldon seemed to have vanished.

The Shire of Maldon was first proclaimed on 12th January 1864. It held regular council meetings from that date until 1st April 1988. At that time the shire divided into three ridings. The divisions named were Gowar, Nuggety and Tarrengower. From the date of the new divisions the council then went on to meet on schedule until early 1995.

Shire of Maldon Offices
Shire of Maldon Offices РPhoto: © Maldon Victoria

Inquiries made by this newspaper suggest that the Shire of Maldon has not met since 1995. The elected councillors have not turned up to shire meetings. The Shire of Maldon phone line has been out of action for years.

One angry resident said that the last Shire election he remembers was over 25 years ago. He said that it is extraordinary that elected councillors were now missing in action. “Why hasn’t there been an election? Has some dictatorship taken over?” he exclaimed.

The Shire of Maldon has stopped municipal works. It seems that the Shire have not swept the streets for 23 years. One resident complained that “The Shire of Maldon won’t even answer his letters.”

Your correspondent visited the Shire of Maldon offices last week. The building appeared unattended. It is almost as if the Shire of Maldon has ceased to exist.

The Herald requested comment from Mr Adem Somyurek, the Minister for Local Government. Mr Somyurek’s office did not respond by the time of publication.

Mr Matthew Guy, former Victorian Opposition Leader, once expressed some concern. He was overheard saying that “You can’t even get good lobster at Maldon anymore”.

The current Victorian Opposition leader didn’t respond to our requests for an interview.

Local Member of Parliament Maree Edwards has been completely silent on the issue.

Local residents suggested that there may be some kind of “cover up”. One particularly vocal resident suggested democracy was at stake. “If you can’t rely on the Shire of Maldon then who can you rely on?” she asked.


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