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Medical Notice. Dr. L. L. Smith.


Nervousness, Debility, Loss of Power, Spermatorrhoea, Indiscretions of Early Youth, Syphilitic Diseases.

In all the above cases, arising from errors and the yielding to the passions, no time should be lost at once to arrest the progress of the disease.

Residence of Hon Dr L L Smith - Collins  Street East - Melbourne
Residence of Hon Dr L L Smith – Collins Street East – Melbourne


Dr. L. L. Smith has devoted himself for twenty years to the practice of this branch of his profession, while previously, in England, he was the pupil of and practised with the celebrated Dr. R. T. Culverwell, the only medical practitioner who ever exclusively adopted this as the sole branch if his profession.

Dr. L. L. Smith hereby informs the public that he is the only legally qualified medical man in this speciality of his profession; that others advertising are unqualified, and that, therefore, in pretending to be qualified, are obtaining money under false pretences.

Dr. L. L. Smith also warns the public against the quackeries advertised. If the taker of any of these advertised nostrums escape with his life, or his system be not thoroughly and irreparably undermined by them, he may look upon himself to be a most fortunate mortal.

Dr. L. L. Smith has been applied to by so many unfortunate young-old men, utterly crushed in spirit, ruined in body, and filched in pocket, that he deems it a duty to publish this to the world.

Those men and women who have been the victims of unprincipled charlatans frequently seek that recovery, which is often beyond Dr. Smith’s control. When will the public understand that it is in their interest to consult a duly qualified man, who has made this his sole study, rather than apply to a number of ignorant imposters, who merely harp and prey upon their pockets and health?

Dr. L. L. Smith has always stated that to warn the public of these quicksands is among his chief reasons for advertising.

In all cases of nervous debility, lowness of spirits, loss of power, pimples on the forehead, lassitude, inaptitude for business, impotency, drainage from the system, and the various effects of errors of youth and blood poisoning from diseases previously contracted, Dr. L. L. Smith invites sufferers to consult him, as he has no hesitation in stating that no medical man, either here or in England, has had the opportunities of practice and extraordinary experience which he has had.

Therefore, those who really desire to be treated by one who is at the head of his profession in this branch of medical practice should lose no time in seeking his advice. Nor should anyone marry without first consulting him.

The new Consulting Rooms are at 182 COLLINS STREET EAST, MELBOURNE. Opposite the Melbourne Club, (Late the residence of the Governor) Private entrance is in Steven Street South. Consultation Fee (By Letter) is £1. Medicines forwarded to all the Colonies, so packed as to avoid observation. Books published by the Doctor can be had on application to him.

Dr. L. L. Smith consults at Sandhurst every Friday from 11 til 6.


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