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Maldon Miners’ Association. Half Yearly Meeting.

Eaglehawk Consolidated Mine cyanide plant, Maldon
Eaglehawk Consolidated Mine cyanide plant, Maldon

The half-yearly meeting of the Maldon branch of the F.M.E.A. was held at the secretary’s office on Saturday evening last, when there was a very poor attendance of members, those putting in an appearance being Messrs J Huish (who was voted to the chair in absence of the president and Vice President), W Snart, J Gaynor, H. Collins and J. Waterson (secretary).

Among the correspondence was a letter from Mr J. Little, consenting to be nominated for the position of state secretary, and it was resolved to comply with the request, Mr T. Jude has also been nominated.

The report for the term dealt with the wages board and Arbitration Court awards, which have now been made applicable to Maldon, and to the efforts being made to improve the mining conditions of the town generally, in conjunction with the Traders’ Association, who will put certain views before the Minister on his visit to Maldon on Friday next. Regret was expressed at the death of a good member in the person of Mr S. Titus.

The balance sheet showed a profit of £35 during the half year, which was no doubt due to the light accident pay, which only amounted to £12 6s 8d. The sustentation and incidental funds also showed slight profits, while the total funds now amount to £698 9s 5d as follows :- General fund £292 14s 5d, incidental fund £149 0s 7d, sustentation fund £286 14s 5d. The last anniversary sports showed a profit of £10.

The report and balance sheet were adopted on the motion of Messrs Huish and Collins.

The question of holding the anniversary sports was referred to the monthly committee meeting to be held on 3rd July.

The following members were then declared elected as a committee:- G. Collins, C. Cousins, J. Cartasso, J. Grigg, W. Orren, A. Williams (12 months), C. Hoffman, J. Stacey, O. Rerden, F. Stacey, A. Buckland and A. McDonell (6 months).

Via the Maldon News.


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